The Basics

  1. BE NICE. Be nice to each other, be nice to the volunteers, be nice to the Run 2 Be Fit team.
  2. Read the Waiver.  You automatically agree to our "rules" upon registering for one of our races.  Click HERE to review the Waiver.
  3. HAVE FUN!​

We have the right to refuse service, please do not violate rules #1 or #2.  

Refund/Cancelation Policies

Since the vast majority of race costs are incurred prior to a race and are non-refundable, we do not issue refunds for races. However, here are some alternatives.  Email to request one of these alternatives (please include the name you registered under, and the race involved).

Q.  Can I TRANSFER to another race if I can no longer attend the race I registered for?
A.  Yes, if you pay the $10 transfer fee to another race that currently has open registration in the same calendar year.  You must request in writing 2 weeks prior to the race date.  We can only do this once per race.

Q.  Can I TRANSFER to another runner if I'd like a new runner to take my place at the race I registered for?
A.  Yes, they will need to pay the $10 transfer fee.  You must request in writing 2 weeks prior to the race date.  We can only do this once per race.

​​Q.  I couldn't make it to the event, can I get my medal and bib mailed to me?
A.  Yes, if you pay the $10 mailing fee.  You must request in writing 1 week prior to the race date.  You will be listed as "virtual" and should not attend the in-person race.

​Q.  You canceled, can I get a refund?
A.  In an effort to promote the health of our participants, we will not issue refunds in cases of severe weather (heat or cold), smoke, or pandemic, etc.

If we are forced to cancel the event due to unsafe running conditions we will immediately advise the participants.  We will host a virtual event and mail participants their race packets. We will not charge to mail race packets.

If the permitting agency/city cancels our permit, our goal would be to reschedule the date of the race. All race entrants will be automatically registered for the new race date. 

No refunds will be available. As per our waiver, "I understand that this event does not provide refunds in the event of cancellation...I consent that I am not entitled to a refund if the event is canceled before or during the event."

Q.  Do you offer pregnancy deferrals?
A.  Yes!  If a woman entrant becomes pregnant after registering for the race, we are happy to allow her to defer her entry to either of the next 2 years of the race. As a courtesy, we would appreciate if you would let us know no later than 2 weeks prior to the race date.