Need running coaching? Stuck in a rut? Don't know where to start or how to improve? 

Honestly, you can google most ailments, online plans, phone apps, etc. - our goal is to provide professional, experienced training to the group. We (PNW) offer free in-person & online trainings throughout the year. We highly encourage you to attend in-person or online during these times. Thanks for understanding.

As always, if you are seeking advice about any aches and pains, please see a medical professional first.

When people think of a running coach they may think elite athletes, but today coaching services are not just for elite athletes. In fact, most Coaches do not coach elite athletes but work directly with recreational athletes looking to improve their time, increase their distance, or to get back into running after a break or recovering from an injury. People work with a coach for extra motivation to keep them on track. Whatever it is that you are looking for, there’s a coach out there for you.

Different people look for different things from a running coach. Some people like to work with their coach in person as they train while others prefer to find a coach online who will develop a personalized training plan based on information provided by the client. Group coaching, such as that found in a running club’s group training program, is another option. The most important thing about a running coach is that he or she is a good match for you and your goals.

To ensure that you have the best experience, work with a Coach to develop a personalized training plan as opposed to buying or using an off-the-shelf plan. Personalized plans take into account busy lifestyles for people. Personalized plans address speed goals as well as distance goals, and a certified coach will help you develop realistic goals ​to help ensure you run injury-free.

Relay Online Training Plan - inquire for group rate.

  • 12 weeks
  • personalized plan for team
  • check-in weekly
  • full plan in advance
  • additional fee to meet in person in the Greater Seattle area

Group, relay, and one-on-one running coaching available online and in-person!!!