Carrie N.

Meet the 2024 Race Ambassadors.

Inge A.

"As the Netherlands is completely flat, running in Seattle has given me beautiful challenges. As to the people and views: it’s a win!

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Cassandra K.

Nicole P.

Rebekah M.  

"Colorado is my birthplace, but the PNW has been my home for most of my life. I enjoy being in nature, and running has become my passion and part of my fitness routine the past few years.

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Shonda M.

Nidhi H.

Sammie A.

Charlotte J.

Abhishek R.

​"I found running boring for 36 years. In Jan 2023, things changed with the rainbows and unicorn fun run and I have been working my way up the distances and training for my first marathon in Mar 2024. Join me in my newfound joy for running! DM me on instagram @mangostrider"