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Run or Wine 5k Series (running/walking, wine tasting (& beer/cider options)


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Run or Wine 5k FAQs

Q.  When is the Run or Wine 5k?
A.  We host MONTHLY events - check out our Facebook Events for dates.

Q.  Where can I find out information for this month's Run or Wine 5k?

A.  Best place to look is on our Facebook page (select specific month).

Q.  Where is the Run or Wine 5k?
A.  The Run or Wine Events are primarily located in the Warehouse Winery District in Woodinville.  See specific event for participating locations & start (registration) on our Facebook page.  We change host & participating locations monthly.  The HOST location is simply that, a host location for packet pickup/registration.  There will be a list of participating locations every month (changes monthly).  The HOST location listed at the time of registration may change due to conflicts.  Please RSVP on Facebook - that is where the most up-to-date information is listed.  Do NOT contact the wineries for information about the event - they will not be able to answer any questions.  Contact us directly if you have any questions.

Q.  How does the Run or Wine 5k work?
A.  You run/walk first, followed by wine tasting on your own.  We give you tickets to redeem at one of the participating wineries, breweries or cider locations.  Each location will give you 4-6 tastings known as a flight or a pint at the participating brewery.

Q.  Is this a 5k?
A.  Yes.  But it is not a certified course.

Q.  Is this event timed?

A.  No.  We do have a clock, but it is an unofficial race.  

Q.  Can I wear headphones?
​A.  We would prefer that you do NOT wear headphones for safety reasons.

Q.  What if I'm running late?

A.  You can start the run/walk on your own and pick up your packet AFTER you complete the run/walk.

Q.  Can I bring my child or dog?
A.  Yes, you can bring your child or dog to the run/walk portion.  All of the participating locations are kid-friendly.  You will need to ask the winery if they allow dogs inside.  If you are bringing your dog, please make sure you clean up after them.  Thank you.

Q,  Can I bring a stroller to the race portion?

A.  Yes

Q.  Is there DAY OF Registration?
​A.  Yes, please note, there is a $10 additional day of fee.

Q.  What is included in the registration?

​A.  Race entry, wine (or cider/beer) tasting, medal and race pictures.  No shirts.

Q.  Are there refunds?
A.  No. 

Q.  Can I transfer my entry to a friend?
A.  Yes, with a $10 transaction fee.  You can transfer to another person or another event.  However, no transfers will be allowed two weeks prior to the event.  You can pay via www.paypal.com (use friends/family option to avoid fees) to our email:  info@run2befit.com.  Please include your name, original event signed up for and new date requesting.

Q.  Can I transfer my entry to another date?
A.  Yes, but you will need to pay any fee differences PLUS transfer fee and must be done within 48 hours of the event.

Q.  When is packet pickup?
A.  Most likely, the day of the event from 130-215pm.  Check specific Facebook event page for details.  You can only pick up packet for yourself.

Q.  Is there bag check?

A.  No.

Q.  Where do I park?
A.  Please try to carpool.  Arrive early to park (registration location may vary) in the ample parking lot across from registration.

Q.  Do I need to show I.D.
A.  Yes, for packet pickup.

Q.  How big are the races?
A.  These events are meant to be small for best wine tasting experience.  Plus the tasting rooms only accommodate small groups.  Maximum is usually about 100.

Q.  Do I run/walk and wine taste?
A.  You run/walk FIRST, then wine taste.

Q.  Is there a map of the route?
A.  The route is dependent upon available volunteers.  If we have less volunteers, we will need to use our simple course which includes a street light.  If we have more volunteers, we are able to offer a course with no street lights.  However, all options are considered URBAN courses - no street closures.

Q.  Is the course hilly?
A.  There are hills surrounding the Warehouse Wineries, along with flat areas.  Sorry, can't get away from the hills!  The course is an out-and-back.

Q.  Is there a map of the wineries participating?
A.  A list of the wineries participating is posted on the Facebook Event page.  The list is consistently changing to add variety to the Events.  All participating locations are within walking distance.  Be sure to look up which wineries you want to visit prior to the race.

​Q.  Can I walk instead of run?

​A.  Yes, it is a FUN group run/walk.  No official timing, run/walk at your own pace. 

Q.  Where will pictures be posted of the event?
A.  On our main Facebook page for FREE.

Q.  Why should I attend ANOTHER Run or Wine Event?
A.  Running is fun!  Wine tasting is fun!  Plus, you get to try new wineries (wherever you did not use a ticket).

Q.  How do I sign up for another event?
A.  Go to our Facebook Events page & search for an event!

Q.  Do you accept vendors?
A.  Yes.  We have a sponsorship package.  Please email us:  info@run2befit.com

Q.  Are the Events tied to a charity?
A.  Yes, please check specific event for details on charity for that particular event.