​PNW Ladies Running Group is for all women (all running abilities, goals, distances, etc.). This group is NOT just running. We do a lot of other FUN stuff such as hiking, taking fitness classes together, wine tasting, movies, and more!

The group was created to continue to support women in their fitness goals through support, motivation, race and product discounts, running buddies, information, and so much more!  Est. 2015.

  1. Join our PRIVATE Facebook group:  https://www.facebook.com/groups/1036115436421495/
  2. LIKE the PUBLIC Facebook page:  https://www.facebook.com/PNWLRG/
  3. Follow our Instagram:  https://www.instagram.com/pnwladies
  4. Join the STRAVA Running Group (search PNW Ladies Running Group).

Reasons to join a running group:

​​1. Accountability 
2. Safety
3. Consistency
4. Motivation
5. Learn from others
6. Make new friends
7. Improves performance 
8. Fun


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BASIC CLUB MEMBERSHIP includes but is not limited to the following ($19 one-time fee)

Unfortunately, a Facebook group alone is not a sufficient way to build a community as we often can’t control what you see/don’t see based on algorithms, policies, etc.

  • ​Daily inspiration from women who run, move, and set goals
  • Conversation about the latest and greatest workout apps, gear and apparel
  • Exclusive discounts + surprise deals throughout the year (available only to paid members)
  • Options to purchase custom PNWLRG gear
  • Opportunity to organize meet-ups with women from around the country
  • Access to our closed Facebook group

CLUB MEMBERSHIP includes Basic Membership PLUS ($50 annual fee)

  • One-on-one personal training or running coaching discount
  • Support at local races (running buddies/group, group photo, meetup, race support (subject to availability))
  • Spartan training by SGX Coach included
  • Private Facebook group just for PAID members
  • One Run 2 Be Fit race entry (including but not limited to our monthly Run or Wine 5ks, Will Run for Beer 5ks, etc.)
  • ​Exclusive T-shirt to proudly wear during trainings and races, mailed to you
  • 6-week challenges (approximate 5 per year, you can participate in up to 2 per year)
  • ​​Exclusive sticker mailed to you


  • Must have medical clearance to participate (if applicable).
  • All paces and abilities welcomed.
  • Participate in a training program during the annual year.  When signing up for a training, must be able to make most of the live trainings.
  • Attend and help market any PNWLRG sponsored events (events that would help supplement PNWLRG activities, charity, etc.).


  • Locations/times/days not guaranteed and vary for all training programs and training runs.  
  • All concerns must be sent via email info@run2befit.com and not be posted on social media.
  • The fees allow us to operate and manage platforms outside of Facebook with the purpose of connecting with you and keeping you updated on news, events and sales. 

*Details subject to change as this is the inaugural year for the club membership options.
​**Interested in sponsoring our group/team?  Contact Grace Martinez at info@run2befit.com