Race Registration PayPal Installments:  Please email info@run2befit.com to redeem.

Cross Country

  • All levels of running ability are welcomed. 
  • No pace requirement. 
  • Great for first time runners!
  • Cross country is a fun place to get ready for any sport, meet new people, and run!  
  • Ages:  5-16, girls and boys.
  • Cost is $100 for the 2020 season, no Meets.  Includes team practice tee.  Scholarships available upon request.
  • Athletes will also need to have their own black running shorts and/ or tights.
  • Practice information:  TBD Twice a week for one hour.

Meet course distances:

  • Ages 17-18 -- 5000m
  • Ages 16-15 -- 5000m
  • Ages 13-14 -- 4000m
  • Ages  11-12 -- 3000m
  • Ages  9-10 -- 3000m
  • Ages 7-8 -- 2000m

*Athletes age is defined by the age they will be on December 31 of the calendar year. 

Youth Athlete Membership

  • USATF membership:  Athletes are required to purchase a $25 annual USATF membership (provides insurance for them during practices and meets).  The membership is required in order to compete in the Junior Olympic series.
  • There are currently no meets (competitions) at this time due to covid19.
  • Team registration:  Cross country and Track & Field registration will be announced here!  Please register by deadline to establish team roster and allow athletes to participate in practices.
  • Uniforms: Practice Tees are required for all practices.  Athletes are required to wear the team uniform for competitions (uniform information will be posted at a later date). 

Athlete Conduct:

  • Show up to the club on time, ready to cooperate, and give your best effort.
  • Listen to coach(es) and fellow students when they are talking.
  • Encourage, support and respect everyone on the club. 
  • Have a positive attitude and a willingness to learn.  A positive attitude is highly contagious.
  • Use sidewalks and follow all traffic rules when applicable.
  • Run with a buddy.
  • Use common sense.
  • Be considerate & know your limits.
  • Immediately report any injury to the coach(es).
  • Have FUN – have pride, satisfaction and fulfillment from improving your running, setting a personal best, and running with friends.  Participate in an activity that you can do for your entire life.  


  • Practice: All parents/guardians of children age 9 and under are required to stay at practice premises for the safety of these younger athletes (no drop offs). Please keep contact information up to date.
  • Volunteer:  Please help support our new club by volunteering!  We need your help in supervising all athletes especially when running longer distances.  Volunteers do not need to be "runners" - we can set up stations for practice routes.
  • Active Communication:  Inform coaches of any absences, injuries, illnesses, or other concerns as soon as they arise.
  • Covid19:  Please note that we will be practicing all CDC guidelines (maintain a minimum of 6 feet apart, use face masks when applicable (and will take frequent masks breaks), wash hands before and after practices, bringing own water bottle, & refrain from attending practice if showing signs of illness (until symptoms are gone or medically cleared to return).