Want to finish your first 5k?  Or perhaps a half marathon?  Want to improve your time? 

This is not your typical running class.  We have a program that includes coaching, group running, strength training and conditioning exercises to help you not only learn the right way to run but to also provide the necessary accountability and motivation. 

We are certified to teach Integrated Speed, Agility, and Quickness Training.  We will incorporate this training into our running classes, as well as private lessons.

We provide running form assessments, different running formats (such as tempo runs, timed trials, track workouts, hill training, Fartlek).  See schedule for current classes or contact us to schedule a private training.  We also get exclusive group prices at local running stores - check with us before buying your next pair of shoes!

​Seattle Rock 'n' Roll Half Marathon Training

Begins March 26, 2017!  More details HERE

Lumo Run


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Craft Classic 5k Training
​Begins July 29, 2017!  More details

Seattle Half Marathon Training

Begins September 2, 2017!  More details HERE.

Husky 5k Training

Begins April 12, 2017!  More details HERE.

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Iron Horse Half Marathon Training

​Begins June 10, 2017!  More details HERE.