Run 2 Be Fit, LLC is a local PNW race & coaching company that promotes a wide array of fitness activities for all.  We offer personal training, group training, running coaching (speed & endurance), obstacle course race training, youth fitness, corporate wellness, and more!  We focus in helping novice and experienced runners with guidance, support, motivation, and inspiration.  We lead the biggest (and best) women's running group in the area (PNW Ladies Running Group).  As well as produce 5k races that support local charities.  Est. 2012.

We're here to help & support  YOU in your  fitness journey. We'll help you overcome your obstacles to a healthier you. Our customized programs will help you find the joy in the lifelong journey of health & fitness.  Our goal is to offer quality races for new and novices runners & walkers.


Our goal for 2020 is to be more planet-friendly.  We have eliminated goody bags in 2019.  To kick off our "green" 2020 campaign, we'll be donating one tree per registered runner beginning with the Turtle 5k!!!

3/16/20 Update

We are beyond devastated. Every day we are processing the current state of affairs and doing our best to consider our team, our partners, our community, and our runners. And unfortunately, every day we are confronted with a new and updated criteria to tackle the pandemic.
We will be postponing our April and May races as of today. At this time, we don't want to promise transfers to 2021 or to any of our future races as we do not know what the future holds. That doesn't mean we aren't actively seeking a remedy, but from this past week's experience, we don't want to over promise and under deliver.

We will not be answering any individual emails or questions at this time. Once we know with certainty what options we can offer you, we will forward them to you.

Thank you for your continued support and consideration.
Arnie & Grace Martinez
Run 2 Be Fit

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Get your Virtual 5k bib and/or medal of past races here.

WHY?  It's a great incentive to stay active and accountable.

WHO?  Anyone who would like to sign up for a "race" and receive a bib and/or medal.

WHEN?  Now - until we are cleared to resume in-person races by the powers that be.

HOW?  Track on Strava or any other running app, running watches, etc.  Email proof to info@run2befit.com by the end of the month with your bib and/or medal.  We will feature all completions at the end of each month.

WHAT?  Bib and/or medal for a specific race is not guaranteed.  We will mail you whatever we have in stock as we are not ordering NEW bibs until we are cleared to resume business as usual.


  • venmo @graceeu
  • paypal, use email info@run2befit.com, friends/family option (please don't choose goods/services as we cannot absorb any fees).