Your purchase and/or registrations support our mission to empower women, men, & kids to lead active lifestyles.

Run 2 Be Fit, LLC is a local PNW race & coaching company that promotes a wide array of fitness activities for all.  We offer personal training, group training, running coaching (speed & endurance), obstacle course race training, youth fitness, corporate wellness, and more!  We focus in helping novice and experienced runners with guidance, support, motivation, and inspiration.  We lead the biggest (and best) women's running group in the area (PNW Ladies Running Group).  As well as produce 5k races that support local charities.  Est. 2012.

We're here to help & support  YOU in your  fitness journey. We'll help you overcome your obstacles to a healthier you. Our customized programs will help you find the joy in the lifelong journey of health & fitness.  Our goal is to offer quality races for new and novices runners & walkers.  Our mission is to empower women, men, & kids to lead active lifestyles.


Our goal for 2020 is to be more planet-friendly.  We have eliminated goody bags in 2019.  To kick off our "green" 2020 campaign, we'll be donating one tree per registered runner beginning with the Turtle 5k!!!

4/3/20 Update

Please remember that we will not be answering individual emails, pm's or phone calls at this time.  

NEW changes when we re-open live races/events/meetups:

  • Do not participate if you are feeling sick or ill, and or have a fever, or if you have been in contact with someone unrecovered from COVID-19. 
  • Persons from high risk groups for COVID-19 complications should consult their physician before participating.
  • Do not engage in traditional forms of physical contact (hand shakes, high-fives, hugs, partner stretching, etc.). 
  • Do not engage in close group pictures/selfies. Always maintain social distance guidelines.
  • You will be able to pick up your packet one hour before the race "start time" and one hour after the start time. If you would like your packet mailed to you prior to the event date, please email us at and we will accommodate (surcharge shipping fee) - then you can just "show up" on race day. 
  • In order to continue the best social distance practices, there will NOT be a mass start. We will offer a rolling start, which means you can start after you have picked up your packet (which will include drink tickets and medal if applicable). We will be monitoring the start to ensure that masks are worn and that social distance practices are enforced. 
  • Please maintain 6 feet between all runners and walkers.  Do not run or walk with more than 1 other person on the course.  Please be respectful of others on the trail/path, and understand there may be a heightened sensitivity from other trail users. Give other trail users as much space as possible, and avoid “swarming” where the group splits and goes around others on both sides. Participants should refrain from making negative comments to other trail users, or responding to negative comments received.  Please use signals and or call out for passing, obstructions, or stops as usual.  Participants will need to be aware of safety and traffic rules at all times, as well as course turns. 
  • We will provide volunteers with basic protective gear and we are limiting course volunteers. 
  • Don't spit or “nose rocket” your nose in public – bring along tissues or a small towel or a hanky if you need to get rid of some snot during your run/walk.  If you must spit, do so away from people and areas that will have foot traffic.
  • Do not share personal items, such as hydration, energy gels, towels, etc.
  • Participants and spectators are encouraged to wear a face covering. Masks or face covers should be required anytime persons cannot maintain social distance, or if local guidelines require.  This includes but is not limited to:  packet pickup, registration, start line, course, and finish.
  • Participants should self carry personal hydration (bottles/packs).  There will be no water stations on the course.
  • If you register and feel unsafe, you can transfer to another race or to a virtual option one time. We do not offer refunds. 
  • Participants whose actions do not meet expectations, and or are creating risk for themselves or others, should be required to exit the race/event/meetups temporarily or permanently.
  • We will follow all CDC and local government rules and regulations regarding mass gatherings at all times.

​Thank you for your continued support and consideration.

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