It’s been a while since I’ve attended a 5k!

And this time around I attended 5k Galentines by this group. My friend and I thought it was fun ! And I also took my daughter( 2.5 ) on a stroller run with this 5k for the first time event  . This race was memorable for me and my daughter because it’s the first time I took her on a event like this. (Running)

The event was easy to find and there were plenty of parking. Everything on our end went smoothly and it was fun ! Saw some people I knew, got to enjoy an ice cream in the end . And Park day with my little one after ! On a nice sunny day :)

Jen S

Thank you PNW Ladies Running Group for a fun 5K run.  I had the opportunity to partake (ice cream & coffee after race) in the Galentine’s 5K that took place on Saturday, February 12th 2022.

Running has been a sport and hobby that I’ve enjoyed casually in the past, but nothing that I was very serious about until I joined this group 3 years ago. Also, I can thank PNW members for truly inspiring and supportive.

Thank you for all of your efforts (Grace & Arnie) in organizing and pulling off what was, for me, one of the most enjoyable race I’ve ever run. I look forward to doing it again. Also, the fun run couldn’t have been as successful without the involvement of those volunteers. Their example is an inspiration to others seeking to serve. Thank you for all their time, hard work, and dedication.

I leave you with these final words: go run half-marathon, 10K, heck, even a 5K is awesome. I am certain that, in the end, you’ll feel proud and accomplished, and you won’t regret it.

Warmest regards,
Anna P.

I've participated in a wide range of running events. Run 2 be fit races are some of the best local events you will find! I've done the Run or Wine 5Ks a few times, Tacky Turkey Sweater 5K, and a Coffee Run.  Each race includes great bonus perks (free coffee, drinks, ice cream, buff, socks, etc, depending on the race!) and a very positive and welcoming atmosphere. The races are well organized, and runners (and walkers!) of all paces are accepted and encouraged. You also get free photo downloads, which is another cool extra. It doesn't get much better than this!

​Karen I.

​I somehow managed to convince my kids to run the “This is the Way 5k” must have had something to do with the Grogu onesies and PJ’s I bought for them to wear. So my 17 & 13 yo daughters and 9 yo son and I show up and check in for the race.  Cute socks and stickers at check in with our race bibs!!!

Then there is a cool photo spot set up with stand ups of some StarWars characters…and a real life size R2D2!!! We take some selfies…the race photographer shoots a few. Soon it’s race time!

There is music and excitement at the starting arch. Lots of people in costumes or just themed shirts are ready to go. Soon we are off. My son takes off and is up towards the front. My daughters hang back with me…and soon I leave them behind and catch my son who is now walking. I keep a steady pace and he shoots ahead and then falls back a few times…then just hangs back.
I am pacing off a gal ahead of me with Yoda ears. Determined not to let her get too far ahead of me. About 3/4 of the way through there is the race photographer catching some shots of me in action. Coming in to the finish there are some encouraging cheers…I pass one lady but Yoda ears finishes ahead of me.

Later on I walk back and find my kids…walking. My son puts on some speed at the end and I can’t keep up with him. My girls can’t keep up with me…and everyone finishes.

Next we go and collect out cool medals and then have the choice of ice cream or coffee!  My kids talk me into the buy up and get cookie dough and ice cream from Sugar and Spoon.

What a fun morning!  Later on the race photographers picture are posted and I find great shots of my son just after the start, me running and my girls at the finish. Plus the photo spot shots at the beginning. What a great family adventure!!

​Dina O.

Every race that Grace and her crew puts on is fantastic. I would recommend her races every time. All of the races are always fun and inclusive. I have never felt out of place and that is big for me.


I had such a great time at the January 5K unicorns and rainbow event! I don’t usually do 5K’s but chose this one because of the theme, and awesome, rainbow medal!   Even with the ice and snow it was a fantastic time! 

​Kearstin W.

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