Furry and non-furry friends welcomed.

Animals lovers wanted!

Did you know, running and walking with your dog is good for you and good for your dog?

“Running conditions a dog’s heart and muscles, similar to us,” says Jessica Waldman, D.V.M., a veterinarian, canine rehabilitation therapist, and medical director at California Animal Rehabilitation. “It also encourages a good, active range of motion and mobility in their joints.” Many Arthritis Foundation events welcome dogs for exactly that reason, noting that dogs get arthritis, too.
Friendly dogs are welcomed but must be on a leash at all times. Please pick up after your pet.

More of a "cat person" - we would love to have you join us (wear your favorite cat shirt) and support the
Everett Animal Shelter.

What you get:
-Shirt (must register by 6/15/2022)
-Free race photos & results!
-A portion of the proceeds benefits the Everett Animal Shelter

Questions about Registration.
Q.  What does my registration include?
A.  Registration includes run/walk, finisher's medal, race photos, and extra swag!  We also offer awesome raffles (must be present to enter) at our races.

Q.  When does registration close?
A.  Online registration will close on 7/21/22.  There will be day of registration available.

Q.  When is packet pickup?
A.  8 am to 9 am on the day of the race.

Q.  Is there DAY OF Registration?
​A.  We welcome new participants! See specific race date for details on registration times on race day.  Cash or credit cards are all accepted. Please note, that there is a $10 race day fee.  

Q.  What's a virtual 5k? 
A.  A virtual race is a race that can be run (or walked) from any location you choose. You can run, jog, or walk on the road, on the trail, on the treadmill, at the gym, or on the track (or even at another race). You get to run your own race, at your own pace, and time it yourself. We will mail you your medal when we receive them.  Do not show up to the event, medals will be mailed after the event date.

​Q.  Can I transfer to a virtual race since I can no longer make it on the day of the race or vice versa?
A.  Sorry, no transfers.  

Q.  Can I get a refund or transfer to another race or runner?
A.  Sorry, no refunds or transfers.

​​Q.  I couldn't make it to the event, can I get my medal and bib mailed to me?
A.  No, you must attend the event to receive a medal/bib. 

Questions about the Race.
Q.  Is this event timed?
A.  We do have a clock and manual timing, but it is not a chipped race.  Starting in 2019, there will be timing, however, the events are still considered fun runs.  Race results will be posted on our main Facebook page and/or Facebook event page.  Please do not email, we will upload as soon as we are able to do so.  

Q.  Where can I park?
A.  Please arrive early to find park and/or street parking.

Q.  Where is the race route?
A.  Langus Riverfront Park (out-and-back course), Everett, WA.

​Q.  Can I bring my dog?
A.  Yes, but please be courteous to other runners and line up in the back.  Also, please keep your pet on a leash at all times, and don't forget to pick up after your pet.

Q.  Can I bring a stroller?
A.  Use a stroller at your discretion on the wide paved path and line up in the back.

Q.  What does "cupless" mean?
A.  It means we are limiting the water stations at most of our races.  Please bring your own water.

Q.  Is there a bag check?
A.  No.

Q. Can I wear headphones?
​A. We would prefer that you do not wear headphones for safety reasons.

Misc questions.
Q.  Are you accepting shoe donations?
A.  Yes!  We accept gently-used shoe donations.  We ship to GotSneakers.  Any proceeds go directly to the Everett Animal Shelter.

Q. Can I volunteer?
A Yes, please email us at info@run2befit.com. All volunteers get a free entry into a future race!​  See available volunteer opportunities here:  https://www.signupgenius.com/go/70A044BADA922A13-20221 

​Q.  How do I sign up for another event?
A.  Go to our Facebook Events page & search for an event!

Q.  Do you offer discounts?
A. Yes, please visit our Referrals, Incentives & Discount page.

Q.  Do you have a raffle at this race?
A.  We typically conduct raffles included in registrations or you are asked to bring a donation to participate in the raffle.  IF we have a raffle, you will get advanced notice or ask us at the registration booth.

Q.  Who are the vendors or sponsors for the races?
A.  Vendors and sponsors change per race.  We cannot guarantee any vendor or sponsor per race.  

Q.  Do you offer free coffee or ice cream with the registration?
A.  Yes, sometimes.  Please do not expect additional freebies but be grateful when they are offered.

Q.  Is there a waiver I need to sign?
A.  Yes, please sign here:  https://app.waiverforever.com/pending/KKzLzuUGOU1410542669


  • PNW Ladies Running Group
  • Run 2 Be Fit
  • Vulpine Espresso
  • Everett Animal Shelter
  • DawgPeople - PupCakes
  • Pure Barre Lynnwood

Presented by: Run 2 Be Fit dba PNW Ladies Running Group

Our race company philosophy has always been to offer quality races for new and novice runners & walkers by keeping the races small and affordable. 

Out-and-back 1.55 x 2 = 3.1 miles