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Although we are in the middle of a pandemic - we can still run, walk or hike in our neighborhood and/or at home.

Join the PNW Ladies Running Group for a winter long challenge. Since Washington state (where the majority of members reside) is 360 miles long and 240 miles wide = the goal will be to run 600 miles and earn PNW Winter Challenge medal.

Run, walk or hike from December 21, 2020 until March 20, 2020 on your own (mindful of all social distance rules). Run, walk, hike any portion of the mileage.

  • Category 1: 600 miles. 6.66 miles per day.
  • Category 2: 360 miles. 4 miles per day.
  • Category 3: 240 miles. 2.66 miles per day.

  • No need to "prove" you did the any of the mileage - honesty is the best policy! But you will still need to LOG your miles in the form provided. Log will be sent to you on 12/21/20.
  • Join the Facebook group for the Challenge (link will be sent on 12/21/20).
  • Any location counts - road, trails, treadmill, walking in circles!
  • Tag us in your photos #pnwladies and #run2befit
  • You can join anytime. You'll have "less" days to complete the challenge.
  • Since this is a winter long virtual challenge, we will be mailing the medals periodically to the participants.
  • If you do not complete the challenge - you will still receive the challenge swag. We encourage you to complete the challenge however long it takes you.
  • Registration fees go towards the cost of supplies (buff, hat, journal and continued support for the PNW Ladies Running Group). We will plant a tree per registration.

What you get:

  • PNW/R2BF buff
  • PNW beanie
  • PNW journal
  • Leftover PNW/Run 2 Be Fit bibs/medals to create your own virtual 5k race.
  • Extra swag
  • Awesome selfies will be shared on our social media
  • Help plant trees!
  • Bragging rights

Questions? Email us


Q. I was wondering if we miss a day, can we just make it up the next day?

A. You choose when, where, how to complete the mileage. You do not have to run, hike or walk every day.

Q. Do I need to be part of the PNW Ladies Running Group in order to join the Challenge?

A. No, you do not. Anyone can participate in the challenge.

Q. If I join after December 21, 2020, are my miles pro-rated?

A. No, to be fair, mileage is the goal regardless of when you register.

Q. What if I don’t log my miles everyday?

A. It is up to you if you do not want to log everyday. However, we will post weekly mileage in the Facebook group.

Q. Do my miles need to be intentional?

A. Yes. The goal of the challenge is to do "more" than whatever your normal is - set goals, motivate yourself, and cheer on your friends! Do your best to ADD miles to your day (whether you are walking or running).

Again, this is an honesty-based challenge. We won't be verifying miles - at the end of the day, you will EARN the medal by putting in the work. The goal has always been to be healthy and stay active during this pandemic (and beyond).