Meet Marilou!  I’m 47 years old (turning 48 in February), and I have a 21-year-old son.  My full-time job is with Windermere Services Company, where I am a marketing project manager and also the marketing manager for our philanthropy, the Windermere Foundation.

I've only been running the past two years. I ran my first half marathon race in 2016, completed my first full marathon in June 2017, and am signed up to run my first relay race in 2018.

I’m proud to be selected as a PNW Ladies Running Group Ambassador for 2018, and I look forward to growing our group, attending more races, getting to know more runners in our community, and inspiring others to run and stay fit. [😊]

Meet Tami!

I've been a runner for longer than I can really remember! It was just in the past few years that I've become more competitive, and last December I finally placed first female overall at the Las Vegas Jingle Bell Dash! Of course the victory was followed by an injury a month later #thestruggle It's been a long and sometimes painful journey to recovery, but I'm SO PUMPED that I'm able to hit the pavement again! The body is a fascinating thing, and I've become much more educated in terms of injury prevention, rehabilitation and overall physical well being. Besides running I really enjoy yoga (teaching and practicing!), obstacle course racing, various forms of body weight fitness, and most importantly large glasses of wine [🍷]

​FAVORITE RACE:  I'm pretty new to racing, but I enjoyed the Cosmo 7k. It was beautiful route (Alki Beach), people were super friendly and supportive and a social experience after. I also enjoy the Spartans since they challenge me in a whole different way.

​ROADS OR TRAILS:  Trails... love being in the woods.

My favorite part of being an ambassador is getting to connect with so many awesome ladies all kicking butt in their own way while supporting a small business and developing myself as a leader and an athlete.

Right now my goal is really just to have fun to be in good enough shape to explore and see what's out there and just pushing myself to be better, while meeting really awesome people. Oh and finish my Spartan Trifecta.

Meet Allison! 26 years old and live in beautiful Bellingham, WA. I work full-time as a Project Manager and Implementation Consultant for HighJump where I assist with designing and configuring Warehouse Inventory Tracking Systems. My current project is in the UK for a *hush hush* client.  In my free time, I am running, lifting weights and playing with my two dogs and husband. 
I have been running the past three years. I primarily run 5-15K racers although I am tentatively planning to run a half marathon and am running the Ragnar NWP relay race this year. I am also volunteering with the Girls on the Run program in Whatcom county. 

Exercising to me is so incredibly important for not only physical health but also mental health. As I struggled with being Bipolar in college, I had a difficult time finding true happiness. Now that I am running and lifting, I am keeping those issues to the sidelines and am finding emotional strength and happiness. 

I am honored to be selected as a PNW Ladies Running Group Ambassador for 2018. I look forward to meeting new people, growing the group, and inspiring others to run, walk, or sprint to stay healthy. 

Meet Barbara!

I have ran off and on for 15 years. My first 5 k was Poulsbo Viking Run I have been addicted ever since. I am a nurse. I work in wellness programs for a major cooperation in the South Sound. I have a 13 yo at home I have 2 other grown children living in their own. I am really honored to be an ambassador.

Meet Michele!  I was born and raised in the Pacific Northwest. I have a great passion for being outdoors being active and exploring. Running was never on my radar until I was 34 when I started running (Icould barely do that). With a LOT of encouragement I joined a Saturday morning run group, participated in a couple 5k’s and got REAL running shoes and that was the start of my love for running. Since, I have completed 8 marathons( #9 is Sunday 11/12 in Vegas) and numerous others shorter runs. I enjoy sharing my experiences with friends and family and seeing those making decisions to start or join in. I am new to the Bothell area and am hoping to meet people who also either enjoy running or wanting to lace up for the first time [🙂]

Meet Kelly!  I’ve never been much for running or working out. A few years ago I completed my first “fun run” (the Electric Run), and I was instantly hooked. The fact that people found a way to make running enjoyable changed my mind about fitness. Since then I completed the Las Vegas Rock ’n Roll half marathon in 2016 and completed my first Spartan trifecta in 2017 (along with so many 5k’s, 10k’s, etc). I don’t know how I came across this group, but I love the motivation and support that I’m surrounded with, and I am thrilled to help motivate and support other ladies while bettering myself in 2018! 

Beyond fitness, I love paddleboarding, traveling, ropes courses, painting shoes and other random objects, watching the Seahawks, brunch, hiking, and spending time with friends and family. I’m also a WABL Passport holder in case anyone wants to check out some local breweries!

For my adult responsibilities, I do PR, Marketing, and Banquets at Emory’s on Silver Lake. If you stop by for some awesome food and drinks, be sure to say hi!

Meet Kari!

​I’ve lived in Washington state my whole life. Professionally, I am an accountant and CPA candidate. Personally, I am a mom and “grand”ma. I spend most of my time with my granddaughter. To stay active I like to walk, hike and participate in OCR’s. I’m looking forward to getting more active in 2018.

Meet Larisa!   I live in Gold Bar with my husband of 25 years, Jim, and our 24 year old daughter, Sarah. I’ve been running for about 10 years. My favorite distance is 1/2 marathon, but I have done 2 full marathons (my 3rd will be on November 25th). I also love relays. There is really something special about sharing the running experience with a group of friends! I work in Snohomish County as an IBCLC for the Pregnancy Aid WIC program. I’ve been helping moms with breastfeeding for about 23 years. I love to cook and have been vegetarian/vegan since I was 19.

Meet Taylor!  ​I moved to Seattle from Atlanta with my boyfriend in August 2017. I started running my sophomore year of high school, thinking I would never run more than 400 meters but just kept increasing distance through college and finished my first marathon in March! I love going to breweries in Fremont and exploring cool hiking trails with my new puppy.

FAVORITE RACE:  Her Tern Half Marathon in Anchorage AK
BIGGEST RACING GOAL:  Finish a Spartan Agoge

Meet Alex!

I am a UX Designer at Amazon by day, and an avid fitness enthusiast the rest of the time. I was a sprinter in high school running the 100m, 300m, and long jump and had always hated / been terrified of long distances, but i faced my fears and started long distance running 3 years ago with my first race being the Seattle Half Marathon, to help ease and cope with my anxiety and depression. It was 20 degrees at the start of the race and that , along with the milage, was enough to inspire me to keep running and eventually run Ragnar relays, Trail running half marathons, and my first full marathon this November. When I'm not running, I'm taking spin, yoga, and hip hop dance classes!

Meet Nicole!  I'm a tenacious 38 year old organic vegan yogi runner, which is far more simple and enjoyable than it sounds written out. I'm not married and have no kids… I'll add "yet" here to be hopeful on both fronts. I have a dozen epic brothers and sisters (four brothers and eight sisters). I work in the corporate world mostly in project management, process design and system integration. I was born and raised in Anchorage, Alaska and moved to Tacoma in spring of 2016.

I was a competitive soccer player in my youth so I've been running regularly since the 6th grade. But back then we dreaded when coach said "put your running shoes on". It wasn't until my twenties, when I started going longer, that I really began to love running. I tend to start feeling good on a run about 4 miles in, so I usually run five to seven miles at a time. I love half marathons because at this point I don't need to train specifically for them but they are long enough for me to feel I've worked hard. Hills are brutal so I have been adding more hill and stair running (with leg weights which is just mean) to my weekly training.

I enjoy trail running the most. The change of scenery and terrain are both beautiful and challenging. When I'm trail running miles don't matter, there's a sense of peace I find out there that speaks to my heart. I'd like to get out on trails more often and this gives me a safe venue to do so. I'm looking forward to leading some trail runs in 2018.

FAVORITE RACE: Hot Chocolate 15k
TRAILS OR ROAD:  I prefer Trails
Fav. part of ambassador: Motivating ladies to try something new, and having a great support system.

​Biggest goal is: Always do better than the last race, and find new ways and places to keep things fun.


Meet Landy!

​My fitness journey began the year I turned 40 when my doctor told me I was borderline obese. It was that mid-life crisis/kick in the pants that I needed to make a change. That following January I started doing 45 minutes of cardio, 5 days a week without making a “New Year’s resolution” or goal which had always failed me in the past. In 8 months I lost 30 lbs and a renewed love for running again. Since then, I do a race or two a month and at least two half marathons a year. Now I get to add ambassador to this amazing group of women. I hope to inspire some of you if not all, as I continue on this journey.

Meet Kaelin! ​A lifelong Seattlite, she was hooked into running by the Hot Chocolate 5k back in 2012, and has since done many 5 and 10k’s and two half marathons; including the Top pot donut dash, See Jane Run and Beat the Blerch (seeing a motivation pattern here?) She loves the sense of community that running, and this group bring and is excited to reach even more people. She lives in Queen Anne with her husband, dog, and two cats and when not running can be found cuddling them, playing board games, baking, lifting weights at the gym, volunteering and spending time with family.

FAVORITE RACE:  Peachtree Road Race (in Atlanta, GA). This race was one of the first non-5k races I did. It's always on the 4th of July and sooooo many people line the course to cheer you on! Getting to run through the city and ending at Piedmont park is always a great way to start the holiday and there's usually people handing out beer and snacks along the route!

ROAD TO TRAILS:  I prefer roads

My favorite part about being an ambassador is getting to meet new people at my month group run around Greenlake (especially now that it's not dark at 5 pm!)
My biggest running goal is to qualify for the Boston Marathon!

Meet Laura!  My fitness journey started almost 8 years ago when I joined a dragon boat team. At the time I was out of shape, and had a hard time even paddling for just a few minutes at a time. I’ve come a long way since then. I now race on a competitive level with my club, work out about 6 days a week and this year I decided to do some Obstacle Course Races. In the process of training for them, I fell in love with running, and now run a few times a week. I love that running can be as individual, or as social, as you want to make it. My day job consists of developing training in various media. When I’m not working or working out you can find me doing something creative, or contemplating how to make the world a more playful place for everyone.