Check out the upcoming Will Run for Beer Events.  More information about each event on our Facebook page. 

​Please note there is LIMITED capacity due to restaurant/brewery restrictions.  Most events are at Scuttlebutt Brewery in Everett, WA.  But always review event location on Facebook!

January 28, 2018 - online registration closed.

February 18, 2018 - online registration closed.

March 24, 2018 - online registration closed.

April 22, 2018  - online registration closed.

​May 26, 2018

​June 24, 2018

July 22, 2018

​August 19, 2018

​September 16, 2018

October 14, 2018

November 3, 2018

​December 8, 2018

1.  Purchase your entry HERE ($20). 

2.  After you have purchased, please email us and indicate which date you would like to attend. info@run2befit.com

Will Run for Beer 5k FAQs

Q.  When is the Will Run for Beer 5k?
A.  We host MONTHLY events - check out our Facebook Events for dates.

Q.  Where are the Will Run for Beer 5ks?
A.  The Events are primarily located at Scuttlebutt Brewery, Everett.  See specific event for location.

Q.  How does the Will Run for Beer 5k work?
A.  You run/walk first, followed by your choice of beverage (including craft beer!) afterwards. 

Q.  Is this a 5k?
A.  Yes.

Q.  Is this Event timed?
A.  No.  We do have a clock, but it is an unofficial race.

Q.  Can I wear headphones?
​A.  Sorry, but no headphones are allowed.

Q.  Can I bring my child or dog?
A.  Yes, you can bring your child or dog to the run/walk portion.  However, if you bring a dog and would like your dog to join you AFTER the race, there is an outdoor seating area.

Q,  Can I bring a stroller to the race portion?
A.  Yes

Q.  Is there DAY OF Registration?
​A.  Yes, please note, there is a $10 additional day of fee.

Q.  What is included in the registration?
​A.  Race entry, beverage of your choice, and race pictures.  No medals or shirts.

Q.  Are there refunds.
A.  No.  Rain or shine.

Q.  Can I transfer my entry to a friend?
A.  Yes, with a $10 transaction fee.  You can pay via www.paypal.com (use friends/family option to avoid fees) to our email:  info@run2befit.com.  Please include your name, original event signed up for and new date requesting.

Q.  Can I transfer my entry to another date?
A.  Yes, but you will need to pay any fee differences PLUS transfer fee.

Q.  Is there a waiver I need to sign?
A.  Yes, please sign here:  https://app.waiverforever.com/pending/KKzLzuUGOU1410542669

Q.  When is packet pickup?
A.  Most likely, the day of the event from 130-215pm.  Check specific Facebook event page for details. 

Q.  Where do I park?
A.  Please try to carpool.  Arrive early to park (registration location may vary) in the ample parking lot across from registration.

Q.  Do I need to show I.D.
A.  Yes. You can only pick up YOUR packet - no exceptions.

Q.  How big are the races?
A.  These events are meant to be small due to restaurant capacity limits.

Q.  Is there a map of the route?
A.  Yes, please look on the specific Facebook event page.

Q.  Is the course hilly?
A.  No, it is MOSTLY flat..

Q.  Where will pictures be posted of the Event?
A.  On our main Facebook page for FREE.

Q.  How do I sign up for another Event?
A.  Go to our Facebook Events page & search for an Event!

Q.  Are the Events tied to a charity?

A.  Yes, please check specific event for details on charity for that particular event.